Frequently Asked Questions

Blooming Box is a floristic company that designs exclusive European-inspired arrangements. We provide variety of services to meet all your flower needs. Wedding, stylish event, corporate gifts, whether you want to surprise your beloved one or express sympathy, Blooming Box will cater to all your desires and special demands.
Bouquet comes in the hatbox, which serves as a vase. All of our hatboxes are hand-crafted and are made from high quality materials.You’ll receive owers with care instructions and greeting card (optional).
You can simply place an order online, by paying with any major card or PayPal. We love to serve special orders and cater events, please contact us by email or call 617-888-4214.
Florists are artists. They create something new and exciting every day. Our team will be thrilled to hear your preferences and implement new ideas. You can choose size, color, type of flowers and many more as you like. We’ll make sure our arrangements suit perfectly your tastes and desires. If you ordering online, you can indicate your specific preferences, such as different color of roses or particular size, on our webpage. You will see a “Message to florist” section, where you can add your particular requests.
For the best service, we encourage you to place your order 24 hours prior to desired delivery time. Any urgent or last-minute order can be discussed with our representative over the phone or email.
Yes, we do deliveries on weekends and Holidays, however, we encourage to place such orders in advance, due to vast amount of requests during such seasons.
Your flowers will arrive at exact date and time selected.
First of all our courier will call the purchaser for further instructions. Whenever possible, we will contact the recipient. If no suitable option found, we can take the arrangement back and/or deliver it to another place at another date/time (additional costs may apply). We would never prefer to leave flowers unattended.
It is always great to thank somebody. At BloomingBox we offer to attach a card with personalized message for free. We encourage everybody to use this option so that the recipient knows who to thank for such an amazing and unique surprise. However, sending flower arrangement without a card is also an option if you decide so. Simply select “stay anonymous” when placing an order.
Our secure platform will collect the billing information of the purchaser, however it will stay protected and is never shared. We use the latest McAfee SECURE protocol that encrypts all your personal data.
It all depends on the type of flower. By nature they are very different and thus different the period of time they stay fresh. For instance, you’ll be able to enjoy the bouquet of roses for 1-2 weeks, and … will only last for a few days. There is one thing they all have in common - they should be all taken care of.
Carrying for your flower arrangement is easy, unlike your typical bouquet. BloomingBOX is designed to be a vase, so flowers can stay fresh in the hatbox for 1-2 weeks with minimum care. Please follow those easy steps to make your flowers last even longer: STEP ONE: Once in 2 days pour some water gently into the centre of the bouquet along the stems, between the flower-buds. Spray some on the flower buds for additional hydration. STEP TWO: Protect your blooming box from direct sunlight, draughts and radiators. STEP THREE: Avoid placing flowers near fruits and vegetables. Remove blooms as they fade.
You can simply reuse the box itself and the foam inside for your own future arrangements.

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